How do you know if you are a spiritual person?

Fearlessness is the first sign of a spiritual person. You see things as they are. You don't talk badly about others or talk gossip. You think the soul is eternal.

You feel that your life has a purpose. You take care of your mental and physical health. And these are 15 of the many signs of a highly spiritual person. Which of these 15 signs resonates most with you? You can share your ideas by joining the conversation in the comments section below ????.

Spirituality means “knowing oneself” or, rather, discovering oneself. It means finding peace and serenity within yourself, that is, in your inner world, within your thoughts and vibrations. And to be a spiritual person, you don't need to start giving motivational speeches or Gyaan to anyone anywhere. You don't need to be a Dharma guru or a 24-hour meditation practitioner.

You work on loving and healing yourself. Contrary to many beliefs, being spiritual doesn't mean being religious, or that you have to spend hours in church every week. In other countries, such as the United States, for example, being spiritual is about knowing and practicing yoga, talking about spiritualism, and reading countless self-help books. These are the kind of spiritual people who are much more than a yoga mat poser or a good time guru.

By simply getting a symbolic tattoo, transforming into a vegan or singing mantras and slokas, one does not become spiritual. One of the main characteristics of a spiritual person is that he does not seek external rewards or validation. These are the characteristics of a spiritual person who has “learned the lessons of the great masters of humanity and their ancient wisdom, the qualities of a person who has developed a genuine approach to himself and others from a spiritual point of view. One of the characteristics of a spiritual person is that they give other people space and respect to go through their own evolutions and go their own way in terms of their religious and spiritual beliefs.

Often, the best guides in this process are spiritual people who have found a way to translate their inner experiences into the outside world. The spiritual person realizes himself by focusing on what is important and perfecting his gifts. Because of this level of self-awareness, a spiritual person will never point the finger at the outside world. The spiritual person is grateful for the space and freedom that has been given to him and extends the same courtesy to others.

One of the worst things about New Age spiritual narcissism is that it has made being spiritual seem “elite and clique to many people.

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