What Does it Mean to be Spiritually Minded?

We can understand the difference between a spiritually minded person and one who is not by looking at the attitudes they have towards God and the results of their actions. Many believers who have the Holy Spirit in their hearts don't experience or manifest God's peace in their minds because they don't allow the Holy Spirit to control their thoughts. Thinking about the Word of God leads to positive action, which becomes a godly habit, and eventually creates a fortress called the mind of Christ. It is possible to be part of a spiritual group and follow its teachings with devotion, yet still judge yourself and others in your daily life. Being spiritually minded means allowing Christ's word or teaching to saturate, dominate, control, govern, direct, and guide your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions.

We should view the world with spiritual eyes, no matter what we are doing - whether it's sports and computers, politics and education, eating out and celebrations, fashion and media. If a joy cannot offer a sign of who God is and make us appreciate it more because of it, then it is non-spiritual joy. But if you find yourself in a place where you have been walking after the flesh for a long time, thinking about the things of the flesh more than God is, then you are in flesh and blood. Unfortunately, many believers today are not spiritually minded but fleshly minded, and therefore do not experience or manifest God's peace in their born-again spirits. It is impossible for them to change and suddenly begin to cry over their rebellion, loving God with all their heart and mind, confessing their sins and pleading for the death of God the Son as their atonement and the foundation of their forgiveness.

Being born again does not automatically result in experiencing supernatural peace in the midst of the storm; rather, it is having a spiritual mindset or setting one's mind on the Spirit that guarantees a life of peace in spite of the storm. Similarly, despite being surrounded by an aggressive Syrian army with horses and chariots, Elisha was not fearful or restless like his servant because he was spiritually minded; he could see beyond the natural.

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