What is the Spiritual Meaning of Life?

The spiritual definition of life is one of growth, contribution, connection, and creativity. When we are on purpose, our intuition guides us and we feel a sense of joy and inspiration. We become more aware of our true, loving, and spiritual selves. For some, their spiritual life is closely linked to their religious beliefs.

They may pray or find comfort in a relationship with God or a higher power. Others may find meaning through their connection with nature or art. Your personal definition of spirituality can change over time, adapting to your experiences and relationships. The term 'zoe' is similar to 'chayyim' and refers to the vital principle, the state of being alive, and the fullness of activities and relationships both physically and spiritually.

People often describe a spiritual experience as sacred or transcendent, or simply as a deep sense of vivacity and interconnectedness. In the New Testament, life has a predominantly metaphysical and spiritual significance, an indestructible quality that replaces physical death and the grave. There is a tension between physical existence with its passions and the spiritual life that will continue beyond physical death. In John chapter six, Jesus explains what is required to sustain this spiritual life.

Mindfulness can be used to discover how Spirituality manifests in our lives. Throughout history, people have tried to find the meaning of life scientifically, biologically, philosophically, and spiritually. To enter into spiritual life, we must change our earthly nature or physical life for the spiritual life offered by God through Christ. But what is spiritual life and what sustains it? Spiritual life is simply living in and with God.

Entering life and entering the kingdom are practically the same because the kingdom is a spiritual realm where God reigns and heavenly principles, activities, and relationships prevail. The Earl E Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing offers workshops, classes, guided meditation sessions, mindfulness retreats, many of which are free online. These resources can help you explore your own spirituality.

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