What Does it Mean to be a Spiritual Person?

Being a spiritual person is synonymous with having a priority of loving yourself and others. It is about caring for people, animals, and the planet. There are many who do not practice a religion, meditate, or belong to any group who are still spiritual. Spirituality is the experience and study of divine and not physical reality.

The word “spirituality” comes from the Latin noun spiritualitas, which derives from the Greek noun pneuma, meaning spirit. In its original Christian sense, a spiritual person was someone in whom the Spirit of God dwelt. A spiritual person does not speak ill of others or spread gossip. They mind their own business and focus on their own path while accepting others as they are.

They honor other people's life experience by not judging or criticizing them. When they don't have something positive to say, they don't say anything at all. They also stop negative conversations in their tracks, either by not participating or by recovering. Millennials who are looking to become more spiritual often resist this trend. These are the kind of spiritual people who are much more than a yoga mat poser or a good time guru.

They have learned the lessons of the great masters of humanity and their ancient wisdom, and have developed a genuine approach to themselves and others from a spiritual point of view. These virtues naturally flow from the introspection inherent in Spirituality. A spiritual person is saddened by injustice and selfishness. They have found a way to translate their inner experiences into the outside world.

It is possible to be religious and spiritual or not to be religious and spiritual. Spiritual people are not bogged down by expectations, assumptions, hatred, resentment, extreme desire, or attachment to things and people. People can describe a spiritual experience as sacred or transcendent or simply as a deep sense of vivacity and interconnectedness. Being spiritual depends on each person in a different way. Ultimately, it is about having a priority of loving yourself and others, caring for people, animals, and the planet, honoring other people's life experience without judgement or criticism, and being saddened by injustice and selfishness.

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